Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Fish Warriors

I grew up a block from some of the best walleye fishing on earth. As a kid, I loved to fish. Up to
about age 15, I fished a lot. Almost all of my fishing was off the rip rap (rocks) just in front of our house.

I would walk down to the river with my fishing rod and reel, tackle box and minnows and fish until (at least) dark. Building a driftwood fire was part of the experience so coming home smelling like smoke (and fish if I was lucky) was a regular occurrence.

I cannot remember my Dad ever fishing with me. He loved to check in on me when I fished and would always brag about the fish I caught. But he did not have the patience to fish.

So when I bought a guided fishing outing for two at a benefit auction, I had a plan to have my son, Alex, and my Dad do the fishing while I played videographer to capture the memories. It was perfect for both because our guide provided all necessary equipment, baited the hook and even took the fish off the hooks. All we had to do is show up at the marina on time!.

I knew Dad would agree to go because it meant he got to spend the day with Alex. He was a typical grandpa - whatever he could do to spend time with his twelve year-old grandson was a worthy activity.

So on a crisp May morning in 2001, we headed to the marina to meet our fishing guide. He was unloading the boat as we arrived and we were on the river and fishing less than twenty minutes later.

The video shows it better than my words can describe it but what you will see here is a grandfather and his grandson (both dressed in the obligatory Nebraska Huskers gear) enjoying a South Dakota tradition.

My only regret is that this is the only time these two did this together. Though they spent quite a few days together afield pursuing the South Dakota state bird, this was their only day together walleye fishing on the Missouri River.

Jimmy Houston may have more dramatic fishing footage but he doesn't have anything that comes close to this video to me.