Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kruising on the Krawdaddy

These  moments  we're  left  with
May  you  always  remember  
These  moments  are  shared  by  few  
And  those  harbor  lights,  lord,  they're  coming  into  view 
We'll  bid  our  farewells  much  too  soon  
So  drink  it  up,  this  one's  for  you 
Honey,  it's  been  a  lovely  cruise  
“Lovely  Cruise”  -  Johnathan  Baham,  1977

The Kradaddy sits in Cedar Shore marina

In the spring of 1999, as I was frantically trying to secure tickets for the Final Four in Tampa, I was concurrently bidding on a boat. I had looked at the boat before leaving town and had set a limit for my proxy bidder. When I learned I was the high bidder, I wasn't sure if I was the winner or the loser!

This is the story of that boat and the ten great summers on Lake Francis Case on the Missouri River that followed.