Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shining Moments!

Each year, the NCAA men's basketball tournament ends with the song "One Shining Moment." Each year, I miss the debut of the video recapping that year's March Madness because I am at the finals. But I look it up on YouTube when I return home. I find that it is a rather emotional experience. It’s the last dose of March Madness for the year. When the music ends, the depression sets in. No more brackets. No more buzzer beaters. No more college basketball for at least six months.

The melody is really a part of hoops culture and one of the great sports traditions in our country. Even though the song is a bit cheesy, when the highlights are added, it becomes the perfect soundtrack for the month of March.

So I spent a rainy Sunday afternoon gathering links for the "One Shining Moment" for each year that it has been used. I have a couple of links to pre-"Shining Moment" CBS closing highlights. When I am really needing a college basketball fix, I can come back here and relive a bit of March from the past.


Updated 3/28/2016

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